Find Me a Job, Freelin!

Freelin LogoFreelin is live! This innovative project is now complete and the world’s first job alert helper is ready to assist you in your job and project search. Freelin eliminates the boring and time consuming task of scanning tens and hundreds of alerts and notifications from various sources. Freelin allows you to set up automatic searches for jobs and projects in your notification emails and feeds and obtain only the most relevant results. And it does the cleaning as well.

If you are a contractor or freelancer like me you spend considerable amounts of time online searching for your new contract job or new project on a regular basis. To avoid having to browse tens of sites on a daily basis you would subscribe for alerts and notifications from job search engines like Indeed, job boards and recruitment agency sites. These come in either email or feed format – RSS or ATOM – and you try to subscribe to as many sites as you can since you don’t want to miss a good opportunity.

Then the email alerts start filling your inbox. At first it looks exciting, as you are getting so much stuff in one place. However before long you realise that it still takes too much time to review everything; on top of that many of the jobs and project adverts are repeated, some are too old. It’s hard to organise all your alerts and notifications, search for jobs and make sense of all of them. Whatever automated email rules you use to sort your job alerts and notifications, these don’t always work and the results are far from ideal. And what about the feeds? It all starts looking like a mass of messy spam of your own making.

To address that we created Freelin, the world first job alert helper. It allows you to quickly find your dream job or project amongst a myriad of emails and RSS or ATOM alerts and notifications. It is a new startup venture from my company Softera, a product tailored to the needs of contractors, freelancers and job searchers looking for jobs and projects in this fast growing gig economy.


Freelin is about freedom. It aims to free you from having to browse multiple sites and scan excessive numbers of job alerts and notifications. Freedom has however another important aspect to us which is the protection of personal data and information. We, our Chief Architect Geo and I, don’t accept the fact that you should pay with your personal data to get access to some technical features such as the ability to reach out to your friends and larger audience on social sites. That’s why we designed Freelin as a browser side application which processes your data on your computer and doesn’t pass it through our servers. With Freelin your data is only yours.

Freelin’s key principles which you can see on its home screen are: No Big Brother – No Walled Gardens – No Confusion. We hope these beliefs are self-explanatory but I am going to dedicate one of my next posts to them as they explain exactly what you are going to get from us.

Now if you like the idea you can sign in to Freelin for free with your Gmail or profile and take it for a spin at  Note that it is a “.co” domain – we stand for simplicity. Do get back to us though with your questions, comments and suggestions so that we can make Freelin an even better assistant for your job search needs!

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