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One Way to Achieve Breakthrough

breakthroughHaving observed for some time the date of my last post sinking mercilessly deeper in the past, today I finally decided to dedicate this sunny Saturday in Colchester and stop the process. I’m back. And what better theme to dedicate to such a return than the subject of breakthrough in innovative projects. If the team is totally stuck due to lack of experience and the time is as precious as usual, what would you as a project manager do to move things forward? Here is what worked for me in such a situation.

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How to Combine Traditional and Agile Project Management

Traditional SCRUMWaterfall is waterfall and agile is agile. They are light years away and cannot be combined. Right? Wrong. Not only could traditional and so-called agile “project” management methods be combined, they should. Here is why and how.

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How to Rescue Troubled Projects

Project RescueLeading projects is a tricky business and things often go wrong. Poor project management is not rare occurrence so troubled projects are all over the place. Your life as a project manager becomes interesting when you are being asked to take over and fix a troubled project.

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A Tale of a Closed Door

I worked in an office facing south with poor air conditioning. In sunny days any time of the year it was quite stiffing inside. There was a terrace and the other project managers and I were often tempted to get out for a sip of fresh air. Continue reading

Which Side Are You on?

Years ago I had an interview for what would have been my first “pure” project management job. The interviewers asked me what I would do if the customer claimed something had gone wrong in my project and requested compensation. I said I would estimate the damages we had caused. I did not get the job. Continue reading

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