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A Tale of a Closed Door

I worked in an office facing south with poor air conditioning. In sunny days any time of the year it was quite stiffing inside. There was a terrace and the other project managers and I were often tempted to get out for a sip of fresh air. Continue reading

I Told Them That But…

At the beginning of my project management career I had hard time getting project team members do what I wanted. I would do my best to develop a strong plan – which was getting better with each project management book I read. I would then assign people to activities and tell them to roll up their sleeves. Results were poor.

“Well”, I thought, “it is hard to work with people. I must impose my will. I must be tough.”

I couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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The Missing Soft Link

It is a shame to admit but during the first years of my project manager career I used to think that I was something like “the boss of the project team”. I expected to have formal authority over team members and be the main person they would report to. You get this impression from the classic books on project management, don’t you? The truth is that during the last ten years I have never witnessed such a project. Continue reading

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Welcome to my Project Management site!

Welcome to my site! It is dedicated to my professional passion – Project Management. I am going to write about the issues of strategy, communication and motivation in IT projects. Content is coming soon.