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Go Electric

Renault Zoe

We are really fond of our electric Renault Zoe which Softera bought as a company car in support of the new ecologically friendly technologies. It’s a nice and nippy little car, perfect for city driving. Battery technology is improving rapidly and I can’t wait the time when we will be able to use an electric car also for our out of town trips.


Will Robots Replace Project Managers

robotArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic today with major players such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft all rushing for a piece of the market pie. Along with this technology trend growing in strength there is a widening discussion about the impact of robots on society and in particular on jobs. A wide range of professions have been mentioned as potentially being threatened by AI, from manual workers to teachers, doctors, and scientists. Management professions have not been spared either, nor is project management. I am a strong believer in AI, however being also a project manager I can’t help asking myself: how realistic is it that we might one day see our vocation being taken over by robots? Continue reading

How to Hire a Contract Project Manager a contract project manager is supposed to be faster and easier than hiring a permanent one. However, after so many years as an IT and digital project manager and with a number of interviews behind my back, I have seen some typical recruitment and hiring mistakes that unnecessarily complicate this process. Here’s how to avoid them. Continue reading


sunThe date of my last post has been sinking mercilessly deeper in the past for some time, so today I finally decided to dedicate this sunny Saturday to stop the process. I’m back. And what better theme to dedicate to such a return than the subject of breakthrough in innovative projects. If the team is totally stuck due to lack of experience and the time is as precious as usual, what would you as a project manager do to move things forward? Here is what worked for me in such a situation.
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How to Combine Traditional and Agile Project Management

Traditional SCRUMWaterfall is waterfall and agile is agile. They are light years away and cannot be combined. Right? Wrong. Not only could traditional and so-called agile “project” management methods be combined, they should. Here is why and how.

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Mistakes that Technical People Should Avoid

job openingsIf you are are a technical person, may be a developer or a team lead, and plan to venture into project management you may want to know what the difference is. I have observed some typical mistakes that technical people in a project management role make. Here are the key ones. Continue reading


How to Rescue Troubled Projects

Project RescueLeading projects is a tricky business and things often go wrong. Poor project management is not rare occurrence so troubled projects are all over the place. Your life as a project manager becomes interesting when you are being asked to take over and fix a troubled project.

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A Tale of a Closed Door

I worked in an office facing south with poor air conditioning. In sunny days any time of the year it was quite stiffing inside. There was a terrace and the other project managers and I were often tempted to get out for a sip of fresh air. Continue reading

Communication in Virtual Teams

The last five years I have been leading exclusively virtual teams. In each project as a rule all or almost all project team members were located in different countries. How did I get work from people many of which I had never seen? Continue reading

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Which Side Are You on?

Years ago I had an interview for what would have been my first “pure” project management job. The interviewers asked me what I would do if the customer claimed something had gone wrong in my project and requested compensation. I said I would estimate the damages we had caused. I did not get the job. Continue reading

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I Told Them That But…

At the beginning of my project management career I had hard time getting project team members do what I wanted. I would do my best to develop a strong plan – which was getting better with each project management book I read. I would then assign people to activities and tell them to roll up their sleeves. Results were poor.

“Well”, I thought, “it is hard to work with people. I must impose my will. I must be tough.”

I couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Game Theory in Projects – The Key to Collaboration

Each project is a game. Different people, with often diverging agendas, play a part. How can a project manager align the stakeholders around a common purpose so that they support and make the project successful? The mathematical method of Game Theory suggests a valuable insight. Continue reading

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Project Management in the Cloud

Cloud computing is today the Next Big Thing in technology. It holds the promise of an omnipresent, flexible and dynamic computer power as available and easy to use as electricity. Does this new computing paradigm pose new challenges to us, the IT project managers though? Continue reading

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The Missing Soft Link

It is a shame to admit but during the first years of my project manager career I used to think that I was something like “the boss of the project team”. I expected to have formal authority over team members and be the main person they would report to. You get this impression from the classic books on project management, don’t you? The truth is that during the last ten years I have never witnessed such a project. Continue reading

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More Cost Control Costs More

You are managing a large organization. The economic situation is hard and you want to cut travel costs. How can you do it? Easy, isn’t it, you tighten cost control. That’s so straightforward.

To your surprise as a result of your decisive action costs grow even higher. Hell, what happens! Continue reading

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Project Management Is NOT Administration

I had a small talk with the CEO of a major IT company in Bulgaria. We were discussing the job market. I asked him about salaries of project managers.

He said, “Depends on what you mean by project manager. In our company, they are technical and they code like senior developers. In some other companies project managers are doing administrative work. These are usually paid much less, less than a developer.”

Non-technical project managers, do you feel all right under the ‘administrator’ category and getting less than what you deserve? High-level managers, do you wander about the most appropriate profile of project managers in your organization? This post will offer the insights you need. Continue reading


Planning is Dead

Imagine you have to lead a project that has big organizational impact.

Requirements and dependencies are so complex that you can never fully understand them. Everything is moving. And you have no dedicated people to do the work.

Impossible? You are fired. Continue reading

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Agile or Traditional Project Management?

Which is better – Agile or Traditional project management? This has been a hot discussion topic on the Web in recent years. In today’s fast pacing and challenging IT projects this is a real important question, so let’s explore it. Continue reading

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Want to Venture into IT Project Management?

We project managers have hard time explaining to curious people what exactly we are doing. Our professional responsibilities are not widely understood. The same should be true for those who want to enter this profession. If you are among them read on my tips. Continue reading

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The Top 10 Project Management Laws in Software Development

Software LawsThere are Top 10 Laws of Project Management I find entertaining and wise. They are kind of professional folklore but contain practical observations that otherwise theoretical books convey in way too many words. Continue reading


Why Project Management Fundamentals Make Sense

Here you can find the presentation I gave at one of the first PMI Bulgaria Chapter meetings in March 2010.


Welcome to my Project Management site!

Welcome to my site! It is dedicated to my professional passion – Project Management. I am going to write about the issues of strategy, communication and motivation in IT projects. Content is coming soon.